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My favorite sights of Brugge

Brugge – or Bruges, for those who prefer its French name to the Flemish one – is one of the prettiest cities in all of Europe. Small enough to be covered within a day by the majority of visitors, it manages to offer uncountable impressions of picture-perfect beauty.

My most favorite views of Brugge are those of its canals and canal-side buildings.

Canals of Brugge


Canals of Brugge


Canals of Brugge

These bay windows coming right out to the canal are a fascinating feature all by themselves.

Canal-side windows, Brugge

Northern European gabled architecture is lavishly presented on the vast expanse of the town’s main square, Markt.

Markt, Brugge

Architectural delights can be found in different parts of the “old city”. The shots below are of the elevated passage above Blind Donkey Alley; of the corner of Burg, the second grand square in the city center; of the exquisite belfry tower that soars above Markt; and of houses lining one of the central thoroughfares.

Blind Donkey alley, Brugge Burg, Brugge
Belfort, Brugge Brugge

Definitely one of my favorite places in Europe!