Monthly Archives: August 2012

My favorite sights of Zurich

With apologies to a couple of friends who made it their home in recent years, Zurich is nice, not more than that. It does not possess a wealth of monuments or significant architecture pieces, counting on being charming rather than impressive. Although I habitually put it on top of the list of European cities I

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Grounds for Sculpture

On one of the rare nowadays intraday weekend excursions, we went for the first time to New Jersey’s Grounds for Sculpture, in Hamilton Township, about 45 minutes drive away from our house. It is a sizable park that contains open-air exhibition of several hundred post-modern works of art (plus a couple of indoor galleries, a

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Kimmy’s movie production

For some time now, my middle child has been entertaining herself with making short movies using her webcam and the basic video-editing software installed on her PC. She asked me to put up her latest “trailer” here on the blog. Enjoy!   Get the Flash Player to see this content.  

My favorite sights of Wales

Wales is the land of breathtaking landscapes, magnificent castles and quaint towns. We only made one trip there, visiting several places of interest over the course of a few days, and brought back a significant number of photographic memories. I was pleasantly surprised with how many shots I had to choose from for the purposes

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Watching Olympics, sort of

A recent article in Salon reminded me of something I briefly mentioned during the Beijing Games four years ago and then expounded upon during the Vancouver Winter Games two years ago. In one recent two-hour stretch of primetime viewing, I managed to see several final serves of a volleyball match, five or six swimming semifinals

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