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My favorite sights of Dresden

Dresden has one of the most impressive clusters of magnificent architecture in all of Europe, which left a lasting impression on yours truly notwithstanding the leaden skies that accompanied our only visit there. Here are a few examples.

The first is the view from river Elbe onto the edge of Brühlsche Terrasse, the elevated riverside promenade once known as “the balcony of Europe”.

Bruhlsche Terrasse and Hofkirche, Dresden

The building on the right is Hofkirche, the monumental Baroque royal church. The spire of Residenzschloss, the erstwhile ruling family home, is seen in the background, and the tower in the front is part of Landtag, the parliament building of the land of Saxony.

The next shot is an attempt to combine a portion of the palace with a fragment of Fürstenzug, a 111-yd-long frieze depicting the procession of various Saxon rulers.

Furstenzug fragment, Dresden

The frieze covers the side of the building known as “long walk” and consists of 24,000 porcelain tiles, which replaced the original sgraffito work in 1907.

The view of the State Opera house and the eponymous plaza in front of it is as emblematic of Dresden as anything.

State Opera house, Dresden

On account of the aforementioned dreary skies, I limited this selection to just three shots. Dresden has a prominent place on the list of destinations that I need to return to and spend time photographing better.