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Память о подвиге

With apologies to my non-Russian-speaking readers, the content of this post has little meaning to those who do not have ancestors or relatives who fought in the World War II in the Red Army. Because of that, I decided to write in Russian for once. С подачи Наташиного брата Лёши, мы провели вчера несколько часов,

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My favorite sights of Venice

A follow-up photo-essay from more recent trip can be found here. Venice is among the best-photographed cities in our archives, and deservedly so. It is unique, beautiful and utterly amazing. The view from Ponte dell’Accademia towards the church of Santa Maria della Salute and the mouth of the Grand Canal is a contender for my

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My favorite sights of Barcelona

Barcelona is competing with Paris for the title of “the city I know really well despite never having lived there”. But the lion’s share of my exploration of the city occurred on a trip where I wanted to be as non-touristy as I could, so most of our photo archive consists of shots of famous

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Vacation pictures

Several dozen Cancun and Chichen Itza photos from the recent vacation have been added to our gallery. Use the Gallery link on the right or click here.

My favorite sights of Budapest

Budapest is a beautiful city, often grand, occasionally quaint and charming, striving to outdo Vienna quite a bit, and reminiscent of Paris in its central Pest area. There are plenty of impressive sights on both banks of the Danube. We’ll start with one of the emblematic sights of the Hungarian capital, the Parliament building.  

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