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The grass is greener…

I would really like to live in a place with no natural disasters or extreme weather conditions to disrupt the normal flow of life. No tornadoes, no hurricanes, no volcanoes, no earthquakes. No snow storms dumping ungodly amounts of snow on my driveway. No heat waves, for that matter.

Fine, I’ll take an occasional heat wave, as long as A/C is working, but not all that other stuff.

Unfortunately, it looks like where I live the only thing missing from the list above is a volcano. Counting my blessings, I suppose.

More importantly, I want to live in a place where you don’t lose power two days after extreme weather ended, courtesy of an imbecile knocking down a power line in a delivery truck. Or at least can get it back in short time, and not remain without power for days because of all of the other repairs that are going on post-extreme weather.

I’m sure such places exist…

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