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Expensive espresso

An espresso at a European café or even a restaurant is likely to cost €2. Maybe, €2.50. If the restaurant is upscale, it could go for as much as €3.50. But paying more than that for a shot of espresso happens only at the brazenly overpriced locations, such as Venice’s Piazza San Marco.

The other night, we are in Brooklyn, at some Russian-owned café in Bay Ridge, for a concert of one of our favorite Russian singer-songwriters. At some point before the concert starts, Natasha decides that she wants to have an espresso. After all, we just came back from Europe, jet lag is still an issue, she wants some caffeine.

The girl behind the bar makes her a very proper cup. Natasha holds ready several singles, expecting the price to be possibly $4. When the girl tells her, “It’s $7”, she is flabbergasted.

Exchange rates what they are today, we are still talking €5 for an espresso. At some nowhere hole in Brooklyn. That’s just wrong!

Natasha later remarked that it was a very good shot of espresso indeed.