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Empire State Building

There is nothing especially striking about this picture. Simply beautiful azure skies pierced by a graceful spire.

Just the way I happen to like it.

Empire State Building



  1. Inna

    Ilyushka, having spent 7 long years seeing the inside of the building and not
    much of the outside, I have to admit: it’s a beautiful shot! Though in my mind
    ESB is it’s most striking when viewed at night (with simple white lighting adorning it)
    while driving southbound on BQE, right past Koscjushko bridge. Try it – I’m sure you’ll agree 🙂

  2. Ilya

    As I walk Midtown Manhattan on my way to/from work, I get a look at the ESB daily. Or, rather, nightly, since in the morning I walk mostly away from it. This shot appealed to me first and foremost because I have not seen the building against bright skies in a long time.

    Plus, the office is relocating downtown. Who knows when I’ll be able to see this view again.

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