Monthly Archives: February 2011

Oscar coincidence

For the second year in a row, I manage to see one single Oscar contender for the Best Picture award ahead of the annual ceremony. The movie wins the corresponding Golden Globe award and is generally regarded as a front-runner for the Academy award, but ends up losing both the Director and the Best Picture

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Minis on the walls

There is currently not one but two real Minis scaling the walls of the building on 42nd Street where Broadway and 7th Avenue diverge away from the Times Square. I thought at first that these were well-executed models, but close inspection of the brackets which hold the cars in place suggests that they are, in

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iPad update

I am still listening to music on an iPod. I am still reading books on a Sony PRS-505. It is pretty clear to me that those habits are not going to change, as my preferences outlined here were not swayed by the capabilities of an iPad. However, I quickly found my iPad to be useful

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