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Back from Switzerland

This year, with the new baby, I managed to leave almost all of my allotted vacation time till the very end. Spending three weeks at home in quick succession would be a challenge both to my wandering spirit and to my saintly wife’s patience. Although she cannot yet join me on voyages away from home, we mutually agreed that it would be in everybody’s interests if I were to go someplace for the first week.

Where does Ilya go when he is on vacation? If you are surprised to hear “Europe”, I welcome you as my new readers.

I don’t really enjoy travelling on my own, though, so I had to pick a destination where I could count on company of friends. Switzerland provided an obvious choice – a number of old friends make it their home nowadays, and I’ve only seen limited country sights in my former forays there.

As it turned out, I had plenty of company, spending quality time with several friends, some of whom joined me on my sightseeing expeditions. I managed to explore Zurich to a greater degree than in the past. I visited architecturally-striking and overall engaging towns, such as Bern, Luzern, Lausanne, Fribourg, Solothurn, each with its own highlights and unique atmosphere. I toured a cheese factory in Gruyere and a chocolate factory in Broc. I drove around the breathtaking Lake Maggiore under brilliant azure skies. I had a grand time.

I even took a detour one evening to drive into the Duchy of Liechtenstein. Can’t say that there is much to see there, but it’s one more country on my list of “been-to”.

(I also managed to mislead my GPS into taking me into Germany once, which I realized only as I was crossing the border. I turned around right away, but can now say that I actually visited 3 countries on this trip.)

Made new memories. Caught up with old friends. Didn’t think about work for a single second. What else can one ask from a vacation?

Lake Maggiore at Locarno


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  1. jason

    Gorgeous panorama, Ilya! I’d like to do some more solo traveling, but I always feel guilty leaving my gal behind, even if I’m going somewhere she’s not interested in and have her full permission to go. It’s one of those aspects of “being a couple” that I’ve never been able to work out. Anyhow, sounds like you had a great trip. Hope everything’s going well around home…

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