Monthly Archives: December 2010

Holiday gifts

For two days in a row, we’ve been the recipients of amazing gift baskets. First, my brother and his family sent us an assortment of sweets.     Next, we found a fruit arrangement sitting in the backyard. It was actually addressed to the previous owners of the house, but we figured 15 months is

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Celebrating the season

I am a fairly indifferent homeowner when it comes to decorating for holidays, even though the family customarily forces me to get out the ladder and hang icicles on the roof and other lights around the house. I do, however, enjoy seeing illuminated displays around the neighborhood.        

Back from Switzerland

This year, with the new baby, I managed to leave almost all of my allotted vacation time till the very end. Spending three weeks at home in quick succession would be a challenge both to my wandering spirit and to my saintly wife’s patience. Although she cannot yet join me on voyages away from home,

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