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Wednesday weekly post

My last three posts all happened on consecutive Wednesdays, and I feel a strange obligation to keep the pattern going. (Anyone who uses said pattern to check the blog exactly a week from today will be disappointed – I do not expect to be able to post anything next Wednesday. Will I break the pattern towards more frequency? It’s mysteries like this that keep drawing you back to this space, don’t they?)

Of course, another pattern, lasting over a year now, holds it that I actually have nothing interesting to say. Which continues to be true. At least, when it comes to spontaneous decisions to write a blog post.

Let’s see.

I implemented a complicated cabling-and-IR solution to share a single cable box between two TVs, thus realizing Natasha’s long-standing dream of having a fully functional TV in the kitchen… Actually, I paid a specialist to do that for me, even though I probably could have figured it out myself, saving a couple of hundred bucks in the process. So, technically, I can intelligently talk about the specifics, but there is little to be boasting about.

I started working on my next creative home project, which will be the long-overdue video compilation of the best of our European travels in 2007-09… if figuring out how much of raw footage I have to work with counts as “starting the project”.

I finally held my nerve and forced a loud cell-phone talker on the commuter bus to cut his conversation short… Oops, that did not actually happen, it must have been in my dreams… Although, truth be told, one of these days I am going to seriously unload on someone.

And that was your weekly news update!