Monthly Archives: November 2010

Wednesday weekly post

My last three posts all happened on consecutive Wednesdays, and I feel a strange obligation to keep the pattern going. (Anyone who uses said pattern to check the blog exactly a week from today will be disappointed – I do not expect to be able to post anything next Wednesday. Will I break the pattern

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Small range

The trajectory of my blogging activity went from unenthusiastic to senile. In the last few weeks, there’s been a spike in electronic communications with my high-school friends. We go through these periods once in a while, when we realize that the last time we had any meaningful exchange was months ago. While we mostly spend

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Travel anecdotes: Getting gas on a Sunday

Driving around the country in between sightseeing stops is one of my most favorite traveling pleasures. Pastoral landscapes aside, you can truly experience a foreign country only when you get away from its obvious touristy spots. And getting lost – figuratively speaking, of course, – on some back roads is the surest way to achieve

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