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Charting the road

A few determined individuals who have been following this blog since its humble beginnings would recognize this diagram.

This used to be the picture greeting visitors on the original front page of this website, when it was not blog-centric yet. It charted the major places we resided at in our life. Which aren’t that many, obviously.

My good friend Sergey suggested back then that the picture would be more intriguing if it had an additional arrow into the unknown (represented by a symbolic question mark), suggesting to the viewer that future holds more moves to exciting locales. I did not go for that, mainly of account of just having moved to London. I did not want to think about future moves.

As anyone can now surmise, Sergey was right on the “future holds additional moves” count, but he was overly optimistic on the “exciting” part.

I caught up with the idea that a static front page was not a good approach to website-building within a couple of months of starting the website. The “old front page” was relegated to a curiosity link on my blog’s menu bar. When I recently moved the site to a new host provider, I completely discarded that page among the few cosmetic changes.

But when I did that, I figured that the old picture diagram needed updating.

So, here we go.

This is a very precise diagram, by the way, since for all senses and purposes we live in the same area that we left for London. If you imagine yourself looking southward, this diagram well approximates the distance we moved from our previous house.

It is also a bit confusing. Do we now keep going back and forth between London and New Jersey? I don’t think so.



  1. Ilya

    That simply signifies technical progress… That, and the fact that on Transatlantic moves we flew business and first… See people sitting on the wing there? 🙂

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