Monthly Archives: September 2010

NYC encounters: Bicycle vs pedestrian

In many European cities (not so much in London, though) bicycle riders are provided with enough dedicated riding space to make it appear to a fascinated visitor that practically everyone in the city rides a bike instead of a motorized vehicle. Amsterdam is an obvious and well-known example, but, say, Munich would also surprise you

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Self-indulgent thought of the day

On balance, having a pool in your backyard is probably worth it. It costs ridiculous money – the exact total expense will be tallied later in the budget year, but I can already venture a fairly educated guess. It takes plenty of effort to maintain – hiring a pool guy sounded too expensive when we

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Each of our babysitters has her own technique for keeping the baby sister content. One lulls her with YouTube videos and then lets her sleep. The other carries the little person around in the kangaroo contraption.        

Going to an NFL game

My first ever live NFL game turned out to be surprisingly more enjoyable than I expected. I am enough of a fan of the American football to enjoy the games in general. However, I fully recognize the static nature of the sport, where each subsequent play is separated from the previous one by long periods

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Charting the road

A few determined individuals who have been following this blog since its humble beginnings would recognize this diagram.     This used to be the picture greeting visitors on the original front page of this website, when it was not blog-centric yet. It charted the major places we resided at in our life. Which aren’t

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