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This is the tomato that we have grown in our own back garden. I personally had nothing to do with it, which may explain why Kimmy thought that it was the tastiest tomato she ever had.     Photography by Kimmy.


Reading up on the details of the McChrystal debacle and its implications to the Afghan war in The Economist, I had an often-recurring thought. I did not reach the draft age until after the Soviet troops had exited Afghanistan in the 80’s. Despite that, I can count the generation of boys from all corners of

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Coulda, shoulda…

More than a week between posts is quickly becoming the norm, rather than exception, for me. During this last week, I could have written about a number of subjects. I could continue to opine on the World Cup – disallowed goals, inanity of soccer being the only sport where the referee is both allowed to

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Random notes from O’Hare

Either I am exceedingly lucky or I don’t understand at all complaints of other people about O’Hare airport. I flew there and back quite frequently in my pre-England years, and just made a second trip this year, and I don’t seem to ever get stuck going through O’Hare. Going in or coming back, flights depart

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Watching the World Cup

I finished Kimmy’s birthday movie with over a week to spare. Go me! It turned out pretty good, if I say so myself, but I’ll be sure to post here the raving reviews I’m certain to receive after its premiere this coming weekend. Of course, I spent so much time focusing on that one project

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Lola and the Frog

Children of the age of technology acquire the weirdest mannerisms. Becky, for instance, has gotten into a habit of saying “LOL” when she is amused, rather than, you know, bursting out laughing. I’m starting to call her Lola. My other daughter, meanwhile, resides in pool heaven. She always has been very partial to water-based activities,

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Back from Prague (and London)

Where do you think I’d go for my first real vacation since repatriating? Duh! Europe, of course! We did not manage to visit Prague while we lived in Europe, even though it kept my designation of “The Most Beautiful City” bestowed upon it after our first visit there. We always wrapped that trip into some

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