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One of my favorite vistas

This weekend, chauffeuring our guests around Brooklyn, I found myself for the first time in ages on the Brooklyn Heights Promenade. In our early days in America, my Mom said on occasion that the view of Manhattan from there is worth coming to New York City all by itself. It is definitely one of my most favorite viewpoints in the world.

View of Lower Manhattan from Brooklyn Heights Promenade

Don’t forget to click on the picture for a larger view.


  1. Nathan

    Those piers are all going to be part of the Brooklyn Waterfront Park when they get around to making that section. (I think they tore down the warehouses almost five years ago, but that’s as far as they’ve gotten.)

  2. Ilya

    I am normally so taken by the structures on the other side of the river that I don’t much notice what’s on the Brooklyn side. It occurred to me that I had no recollection of what the near side looked like when I last was at the Promenade. The next time I’m there, the park may well be finished…

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