Monthly Archives: May 2010

Singing in the woods, again

I enjoy our by now traditional semi-annual КСП outings. I happen to have a good time while I am there. Then I get back home, recognize the fact that I slept for probably 6-7 hours cumulatively over the course of the weekend, and fight fatigue for the next couple of days. It’s worse than a

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One of my favorite vistas

This weekend, chauffeuring our guests around Brooklyn, I found myself for the first time in ages on the Brooklyn Heights Promenade. In our early days in America, my Mom said on occasion that the view of Manhattan from there is worth coming to New York City all by itself. It is definitely one of my

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After rain

After a short but intense rain at the end of the day, the street is saturated with brilliant colors. I’m not sure how well a formatted-for-web picture can relay it, but I figured I’d try. I only resized it, no other enhancing manipulations were performed here.    


I’d like to think that I am long past having to come up with excuses for the absence of any blogging activity. I simply ignore the blog these days when I’m too busy. And I am very busy. Employment-related busy-ness aside, we are currently entertaining house-guests who’ve never been to the States before and whom

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Commuter fare hike

When I first settled in New York City, the single public transportation fare was $1.10. Today, it’s $2.25. More than 100% increase over the course of nearly 20 years. Adjusting for inflation, however, it comes to only about 32% over that time. At the beginning of this month, New Jersey Transit effected a fare hike.

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My weekend

Kept assembling the various piece of furniture that the wife had bought. Wrote checks for ungodly sums of money to various home service providers. Discovered a couple of inevitable future expenses related to the house equipment and services. Cleaned the pool, worked on the backyard, drove back and forth for supplies… This home-ownership gig is

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