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Becky’s three words

My eldest daughter seems to be the primary source of material for my blog lately. At her request, I am putting up another of her drama class projects, so that it is publicized to my considerably larger audience.

The assignment was to select 3 words that either described the person, evoked a specific emotion, or simply had a certain meaning, and then display them in a 10-second video clip in some creative way. Becky’s pick was technically 4 words – but who’s counting? – and her presentation idea was to actually perform the action somewhat opposite to the words being shown.

Here’s how it turned out.


Uncredited editing by yours truly.


  1. Dr. Phil

    Huh. Fooled me. I normally have sound turned off, but turn it back on before viewing videos. But that doesn’t help here. (grin)

    Dr. Phil

  2. Brian Greenberg

    Wordnet defines “contraction” as:

    a word formed from two or more words by omitting or combining some sounds) “‘won’t’ is a contraction of ‘will not'”; “‘o’clock’ is a contraction of ‘of the clock'”

    So, I’m with Becky. “Won’t” is one word. A word that is formed from two other words, to be sure, but still a single word…

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