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Becky has recently taken to riding her bike around the neighborhood. Weather being what it’s been the last few days, she obviously doesn’t wear track-suits on her rides.

We live about half a mile away from a synagogue. There are some people who drive to services there, but many people walk, so on Saturdays and on holidays, we see a greater number of pedestrians on the streets than usual.

Imagine a group of adolescent Jewish boys, in their formal temple-going attire, walking to attend a service. Towards them, in the opposite direction, comes a leggy, pretty teenage girl on a bike, wearing shorts and a tank top.

They stare. She notices. She smiles and waves. They keep staring.

One of them walks into a tree.


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  1. Brian Greenberg

    That’s awesome. Reminds me of an old joke:

    Man driving down a highway.
    Attractive woman in the car next to him smiles at him.
    He smiles back and winks.
    She rolls down her window.
    He rolls down his window.
    She waves.
    He collides head-on with the toll booth.

  2. Brian Greenberg

    (it suddenly occurs to me that the above joke worked better when you had to roll down your window to pay a toll at a toll booth. Those who grew up with EZ-Pass probably don’t get it…)

  3. Kisintin

    I’ve been trying to tell everyone that going to the churches takes away time from a lot of other fun things to do. Like sleeping or watching a game.

  4. WendyB_09

    Boys of a certain age, when faced with girls of a certain age, will be boys. Hormones guarantee it!

    And the poor kid that walked into the tree will never live it down with his buddies either.

    Nice slice o’ life story.

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