Monthly Archives: April 2010

Four chords

I think I’d do really well as a blogger if all I did was to borrow content from Exler. So here it is, two appropriations in a row. This is Axis of Awesome with an awesome demonstration that a huge number of modern hits are written with only the same four chords. That makes me

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Pixel attack

I’m far from being prolific in my blogging these days, for a great number of reasons. Instead of recounting those reasons, I’ll just borrow content elsewhere on this occasion. This clip is nothing short of brilliant.     Via Exler.

What I learned over the weekend

Even if the assembly manual for a fairly complicated contraption explicitly states that two people are needed to successfully complete the work, a determined and resourceful individual should be able to come up with ways of achieving the desired end result all by himself. If said individual has a history of back problems directly linked

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A visit to the MMA

I wonder how many Parisians visit Louvre more than once in their adult lives, if ever. Or Londoners National Gallery. Or MadrileƱos Prado. Outside of a small group of art students and fanatical art lovers, I doubt that the majority of local population ever finds time in their busy daily routines to come in and

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On store hours

One of the things that we always liked the least in Europe is the intent of people in the service sector to have lives outside of their shops. What do you mean, you are closed for three hours in the middle of the day? Are you so dumb as to lose potential customers by madly

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Becky’s three words

My eldest daughter seems to be the primary source of material for my blog lately. At her request, I am putting up another of her drama class projects, so that it is publicized to my considerably larger audience. The assignment was to select 3 words that either described the person, evoked a specific emotion or

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Becky has recently taken to riding her bike around the neighborhood. Weather being what it’s been the last few days, she obviously doesn’t wear track-suits on her rides. We live about half a mile away from a synagogue. There are some people who drive to services there, but many people walk, so on Saturdays and

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