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In favor of travel agents

It turns out that even in this age of DIY web-enabled travel planning, a good old travel agent has its uses.

Case in point. Natasha is planning a half-week getaway for the two of us and, as always, she has spent considerable time online figuring out the most enticing place for us to stay at (and by “enticing”, I mean “not expensive, clean, conveniently located”). After she identified the target, she decided to call the travel agent that we periodically used in years past to see if she had any deals that we could take advantage of.

And what do you know!? The online promotion listed on the property’s website was reduced by a whopping third through whatever agency discount the woman was able to obtain. The rate went from being in the upper reaches of what we consider “not expensive” to being decidedly cheap.

One for the services industry.

Posted in Customerography