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Rainstorm aftermath

All houses but three on our street lost power on Saturday, and it is yet to be restored. Ours is one of the three lucky ones.

Becky says more than half of her friends said today that they had flooded basements. We found one single glass doorway that had water seeping through when the wind and the rain were at their strongest.

Our neighborhood was thoroughly decorated with fallen trees on Sunday morning. Our most troublesome tree was kind enough to break on earlier occasions.

We did lose cable services and, because we are on Optimum Triple Play, did not have phone service, TV or internet connection for roughly 48 hours. Mobile phones sufficed, and while it is hard to live without the other two in this day and age, it was not nearly a true hardship. We were told at some point that the service could not be restored until power came back to all houses on the street, but I just drove down the street: Our neighbors are still without power; we already have cable back.

No wonder I can never win a lottery. I’m using up all of my luck elsewhere. (Well, that, and I don’t buy tickets…)

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  1. Dr. Phil

    Ah, see? The gods are trying to give you the lottery win, but short of that they gave you the tragic storm instead. Same odds, eh? (grin)

    Dr. Phil

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