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They are trying to tell me something…

A junk-mail envelope felt to touch as if it had some sort of a card inside, and my curiosity took upper hand. As it turned out, a run-of-the-mill “invitation” was accompanied by the following:

How do I end up on their mailing list, I’d like to know!?


  1. WendyB_09

    I got a plethera of those things right before & just after my 50th birthday. Still haven’t joined. That & life insurance offers.

  2. Mama

    I know why: because you stayed in my house for 2 months.
    They mailed me the same invitation almost each months, your dad is still rejected it, and i am thinking: let send them this $ 10.00, may be they
    will stop to bother me? On the other hand, I am afraid that a new offer will be issued-all this guys always creative.
    But with us it is understandable: we are senior citizens, and almost close to retirement. Mama.

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