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YouTube’d memories: Waltz from “Beware the automobile”

I have been wounding down this recurring feature on my blog, for lack of material. Unless I get a sudden flashback to some remarkable piece, I can no longer think of a non-Russian song or performer that holds a special place in my memories. And I do not feel much enthusiasm for pulling in Russian songs into the series. I guess about 50 entries in a feature is a pretty good run.

For a finale, though, I will use a Russian exhibit. Not a song, though, but rather the theme from one of my favorite old Soviet movies. As far as melodies go, this one is undoubtedly my most favorite melody of all time, bar none. I can’t exactly explain why but I literally get goose bumps when it reaches crescendo somewhere around two minutes in.



  1. Ilya

    That’s a very nice melody too, Tamila, but I don’t have as much affinity for it, though. Maybe, it’s a bit too melancholic for my liking.

  2. Tamila

    Navernoe potomu chto eta melodiya napominaet nam o detstve. Mama i papa smotryat televizor, a my malenkiye begali vokrug nih;)))

  3. Ilya

    Ты, скорее всего, права. Я и сам могу “Берегись Автомобиля” смотреть сколько угодно раз 🙂

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