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Into the new year

I took a few days off blogging after New Year’s, mostly on account of being busy with various friendly get-together engagements. There have been only a couple of days in the last week and a half that we did not spend in company of good friends.

Which is, as I have been repeatedly pointing out lately, the main reason for our recent repatriation.

I actually spent last week in December on vacation; I had exactly 4 vacation days left for 2009, and my corporate overlords do not look favorably on carrying those over into the new year. This was the first vacation in years that I spent entirely at home (driving trips to various corners of New Jersey and New York notwithstanding). A novel experience, without a doubt. Turned out not that bad, with all those social events.

We greeted 2010 with a traditional party at our close friends’ house, with a nice meal, plenty of karaoke and lots of general silliness. After getting a few hours of sleep on the morning of the 1st, we came back for breakfast, but even that failed to clear considerable amounts of food prepared for the occasion. I had trouble buttoning the pants around my waist this morning as I was dressing for work…

We went comparatively light on the presents this year, but the kids each got at least one thing that they most wanted, and I managed to very pleasantly surprise my wife with what I bought her. That does not happen often. Practically never. I am a notoriously inept present-picker.

One of the things we bought as a “family present” was Wii, which marks the first time that there is a gaming system in our household (beyond various handheld devices). Kimmy immediately occupied herself with hours of playing Wii Fit. I tried a bit as well, and even set a goal to lose a few pounds. Didn’t help with the pants this morning, of course, after only a couple of sessions. This would be my 497th attempt at regular exercise, light as it is. None of the previous ones ended in success. At least, here I can combine exercising with playing with Kimmy. Two incentives for the price of one!

Back in office for the first time in 11 days – and it’s as if the holidays and the vacation did not happen. Fun, fun, fun!