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Winter Wonderland

How I hate snow! How I miss London weather! (Although they say that it’s been quite heavily snowing in London as well these past several days.)

Above is the view from our porch this morning.

Two feet of snow – admittedly, not as much as what people in Alaska or elsewhere have to deal with, but still way too much for my liking.

My driveway is about 20 yards long and 8 yards wide. That’s roughly 1500 square feet. Or 3000 cubic feet of snow that I had to shovel this morning.

Yes, shovel. Because the surface of my driveway looks too delicately fancy and the friendly neighbor advised me against borrowing his snowblower. At least, he himself cleared a quadrant of the street in front of the house, so when the snowplow comes – if it comes – it will not pile up too much again.

Two and a half hours of healthy exercise… Brilliant sunny day… Kimmy in snowy heaven playing outside with neighbor kids…

I hate snow.


  1. Sergey Kornilov

    Well, my driveway is 30 yards long. I started with shovel first, then I used my car as a snowplow until it stuck, then shovel again and finally driveway is driveable again.

    I love snow 🙂

  2. Dr. Phil

    This weekend we’ve just gotten an inch or two of dusting in West Michigan, so I just drive the 4WD Blazer up and down the driveway to establish the tire tracks. 250-foot driveway.

    Dr. Phil

  3. Vince

    I love snow. I want much more snow. I wish it had stormed like that here. But then again, I live in an apartment and my landlord does the shoveling and snowblowing.

  4. Ilya

    Er… Not removing every last snowflake from the driveway eventually results in ice, very slippery and dangerous. If you never venture out on the driveway except while inside the car, I suspect you can live with just making it passable to a vehicle. My kids need to walk down the driveway to board the school bus, so I need it to be walkable not just drivable… Plus, where there are kids, there is running around – slippery driveway is a liability waiting to happen, to say nothing of the pangs of guilt I’ll have if a kid slips on ice in my driveway and injures herself…

  5. Brian Greenberg

    I’m sure it won’t help your aching back, but you should know that the last time your area got two feet of snow was the late 1970’s. I know because my family and I got stuck in Florida trying to get back there at the time (sad, huh?)

    My suggestion: dig out a path for the kids to walk and one car, and then leave the rest for when the temperature gets above 32F.

    Me – we have a good ol’ fashioned asphalt driveway, and we pay our gardener ~$50 to plow the entire thing (plus the walk to our front door). When I woke up on Sunday morning, the driveway and walk were completely clear. Best $50 I ever spend, IMHO…

  6. Tom

    We only got a foot of snow this Sunday, but it took me 2 hours with the small-ish snowblower. I’d love to get a bigger snowblower, but it has to be stored in the basement. The size I currently have is a big as I want to wrestle up and down the board ramps over the stairs!

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