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Twelve-sentence tradition

The third annual largely-meaningless exercise of combining the first sentences posted herein each month of the year.

As on previous occasions, not much coherency achieved. A couple of usual traveling undertones, clear relocation markers, a couple of obvious holiday notes… Interestingly, most of these sentences clearly suggested the topic of the posts that they introduced. Does that point to a new level of mastery of writing that I attained or, conversely, suggests that I became too simplistic in my skills, I wonder.

January: After greeting Christmas just a week ago with the song that I most associated with Christmas in my youth, I figured that I need to do the same for the New Year’s.

February: My lovely wife not only feeds me well, but she is also apparently eager to take over this blog with her culinary creations.

March: On one hand, we like going out, if not every week, then at least a few times a month.

April: Sunny spring weather (for the last couple of days, at least).

May: I have very healthy teeth, but my gums are a different matter.

June: And so our last sightseeing trip of the London era is now in the past.

July: Busy at work, plus various relocation-related errands, phone calls and what-not.

August: My regular readers will have to forgive me for being mostly incommunicado these past days.

September: You did not think I’d stay put for long after repatriating, did you?

October: Natasha was shopping for new beds and mattresses before we could move into the new house.

November: Finally, a Halloween to my kids’ liking.

December: Some two years ago, I wrote a cost comparison entry for basic UK-vs-US costs.


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