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From the “useless trivia about me” department: I always typed with just three fingers. Middle and index fingers of my right hand and index finger of my left – more than sufficient for yours truly. Thumbs for spacebar and some limited use for the other middle finger, otherwise.

I am reasonably fast at that, too. The downside is, obviously, not looking at the screen while typing, so if, for instance, I happened to have a russificator on at an inopportune moment, I might type a whole line of gibberish before noticing that I needed to switch. Interestingly, I’ve never been making too many typos, so well I mastered the three-finger technique.

But, in a fit of restlessness, I decided to challenge myself and to finally learn how to type blind. I am happy to announce that this little post has been typed up entirely blind. Which only took me roughly five times as long as it normally would.

Don’t expect much in the coming days, in other words.


  1. Tamila

    Yan tried a couple of times to learn how to do it. The result is about the same as yours. He is still typing with a couple of fingers. He thought that he would not be able to do well in law school because everyone types fast using 10 fingers without looking at the screen. How is Becky typing these days? I wonder when Daniel will catch up to this skill. He is admiring my skill of typing without looking at the screen. I wonder if he will be like me or like Yan.

  2. Brian Greenberg

    Learning to touch type is one of the things I’m most glad to have learned as a child. Over the years, it has helped me with everything from computer programming to writing school papers to blogging. Basically, I like that I can type faster than I can think, so my brain is never slowed down by my fingers. Once you achieve that, you’ve got it made…

  3. mama

    When i understood many years ago, that i can never learn to type like you mentioned – blindly (I was taken this very short course at my very short courses at NYANA – thanks for the free learning some basic American skills and language), I decided not to be very shamefull about this. Yes, there are some things that you should be in peace with that your never can do it.
    So, I am happily typed with only my two fingers (mostly).
    To somebody who did not know my history, only to compare, I should point that in the age around 50 i passed CPA exams, and long after that become licensed CPA in 2 states. Tell about people intellectual and possibilities!

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