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Information flow

I’m watching the Yankees on TV last night. Becky, who does not have school in the morning, does whatever it is that she does on her laptop in her bedroom.

The Yanks win the game and clinch the World Series. As delighted as I am, my outward reaction is purposefully muted, on account of Kimmy and Natasha being long asleep by then in their beds.

Yet, 60 seconds later, Becky bounds down the stairs.

“Yankees won?” she asks.

“Yes, it just ended,” I reply, “How’d you know?”

“Facebook,” she shrugs. “Everyone I know just went ‘Yay! Yankees win!'”

Small things like that keep finding me awestruck by how far we progressed in the last decade or so in terms of information access.


  1. Tom

    Ilya, on the other hand, I watch the game until it was 5-1, then had to stop due to multiple other channels recording. Only 2 tuners in the DirecTV box, so if 2 channels are recording simultaneously, there goes live TV. Later I went to bed without going back to the game to check the status.

    The next day I didn’t get any indication of who won until on the train back home after work. So even though I watched the beginning of the game, it took almost 20 hours to get the result. In this day of the Internet, that’s like an entire ice-age, almost!

  2. Ilya

    Tom, I heard the groans of the Red Sox Nation all the way from NJ. How’d you manage to miss the undoubtedly mournful Boston mood for a whole day?

  3. Tom

    I guess I’m going to have to blame the hospital. There’s enough going on here that bemoaning another Yankee win takes a back seat. It wasn’t until I left the hospital that I finally heard the result.

    And I’m OK with that! 🙂

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