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National Debt clock

Every day after work I walk by the National Debt “clock” on 44th Street near 6th Avenue.

Here is a not very good picture from last night (damn the return to standard time! – I can’t get out of the office before it’s dark anymore and my pocketcam is not very good at taking night pictures).


The upper number is the overall debt figure. Even for mathematically-inclined moi it’s too big of a number to pay any attention to.

The other number is “Your Family Share”. I glance at it every day out of pure curiosity for how it changes.

A few weeks ago, the number was below 100K. I was awaiting the moment it would turn six digits. It grows by just a few dollars every day, so I was sure I wouldn’t miss it by much. Then, one day, suddenly, it jumped all the way to 101,250. Must have been a negative demographic shift or something.

But the day before yesterday – I swear! – the number was 101,331. And then it went down by a few bucks.

Either our debt is getting reduced somehow – or the family growth outstrips the accrual of interest…

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