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A true Halloween

Finally, a Halloween to my kids’ liking. As I mentioned on a few occasions in the past years (for instance, here), the girls did not get to enjoy much of the Halloween in England. Back in the States, it is all different.

Houses decorated in dozens inventive ways, with whole Christmas-like moving displays and blow-up statues. Parties of kids dressed in all different types of costumes prowling the streets on trick-or-treating quests. I am decidedly indifferent to this type of festivities, but I can clearly see how children might like it.

We did not do much in terms of decorations, beyond a couple of finely carved jack’o’lanterns. We had our fair share of visitors looking for treats, although I suspect our tucked-into-a-corner location reduced the traffic a bit. My girls, of course, had costumes to wear and went on several trick-or-treating expeditions, with different groups of friends.

I suppose this is one of the big reasons they wanted to come back to America.

Kimmy as Bag of Sweets, Becky as Velma Kelly



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