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From your friendly [former] London resident

I was checking the score of the last night’s MNF game on ESPN, when I came across Chris Berman’s “Fastest 3 minutes in Sports”. Introducing the annual NFL game played in London, he made the frequent mistake of misidentifying one of the iconic city landmarks.

People! Let’s get this straight!

This is not the London Bridge.

Tower Bridge, London

It is one of the symbolic sights in the City of London, but it is called Tower Bridge.

The London Bridge happens to look nothing special – just another modern river crossing.

London Bridge

Can we be clear on that once and for all?


  1. Kisintin

    Gahd. They couldn’t do better that Pats at Bucs. I am pretty sure that was most non-ecxiting game ever. If they want to expend internationally, they should schedule more exiting match-ups there.

  2. Ilya

    Don’t forget that Bucs are owned by Glazers, who own Manchester United. So there was an obvious tie-in there. And Pats and Brady cannot be called not exciting by themselves…

  3. Ilya

    I don’t suppose it makes the matters any easier for people, Matt. But those who do know that, I suppose, would not confuse Tower Bridge with London Bridge…

  4. Kisintin

    I know about the BUgs and MU tie-in. Still. One sided football games are never fun to watch (yes I did watch the Bears getting steamrolled). I hope there were enough Americans in that field to appreciate who brady is 🙂

    BTW an interesting (to me at least) piece of trivia I picked up from reading peter King’s Monday Morning QB. Because of that game and the scheduling by the NFL there will be a whole generation of Bucs’ fans who will never see Brady play at Tampa Bay’s field.

  5. Ilya

    Brian, Wikipedia explains somewhere in the bowels of this article how the “old” London Bridge was reconstructed in Arizona. What you see on the second picture in the post is the latest incarnation of London’s London Bridge.

  6. Vince

    It’s nioce to see that, despite Michelle, London Bridge is not falling down. And why doesn’t it surprise me that someone didn’t even attempt to do the slightest bit of, you know, research.

  7. jason

    I’ve been to Lake Havasu — it’s relatively close to me, at least as “close” is defined out here where there are a few hundred miles between major settlements. The story of how the original London Bridge ended up in the Arizona desert strikes me as one of those quintessentially American stories involving lots of money, audacity, and more than a little eccentricity. Who else would buy an old bridge from another country, have it shipped across an ocean and reassembled stone-by-stone in the middle of nowhere? And then build a faux English village around it, just for good measure?

    It’s frankly a pretty weird sight. This part of the country has been settled so recently that nothing out here looks particularly old, especially not things like bridges, which tend to be modern concrete or early 20th Century iron; an obviously ancient stone bridge in this setting is quite the novelty.

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