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Random family notes, 10/16/09

It did not take me long to realize that if I sleep for 15 minutes longer in the morning, but then wake up Natasha to drive me to the bus, instead of walking, I’d be catching the same bus while shortening my door-to-door commute. The weather of the last couple of days makes it an easy decision. Natasha has so far held her displeasure in check…

Of course, it did not take me any longer to realize that if I sleep for 45 minutes longer in the morning, the only side effect of that is getting into the office about half an hour later than before (which is still before 9am). The first time was a case of accidental oversleeping. This morning, I did it on purpose. Given how well I’ve been sleeping lately, I might make it a norm…

Our social calendar has been so congested the last few weeks and for the foreseeable future, that we can no longer pride ourselves on being always ready to get together with friends on a short notice. Between various birthday and celebrations, serial housewarmings and planned outings, we suddenly find ourselves having to plan simple meet-ups weeks in advance. Must be a function of immersion back into our old social circle again – we want to see too many people and do too many things simultaneously…

The calendar includes a couple of road trips to see friends who do not live too close to us, by the way. That’ll be our “travel allowance” for the time being.

I found out that Cablevision Optimum DVR only holds 40 hours of recordings, which means that I cannot keep a large number of movies in the queue for indefinite period of time, similarly to my ways back in England. Given that I only found time to watch one single movie in the last few weeks, the approach of hoarding recordings for the future is out of the window. We might need to consider re-subscribing to a movies-by-mail club…

Whatever little free time I have this weekend will be spent configuring my new home PC and possibly struggling with its putative distance from the wireless router. That should be fun.

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  1. Tom

    Sometimes I wish I could start work at 9:00am, instead of 7:30am. I get up sometime before 5:30am (depending on how many times I hit snooze), and leave home by 6:10am (absolute deadline, any later and I’m late) for a 6:20am train. But I leave at 4:00pm, to get home by 5:30pm. If I had to be at work at 9:00am, I wouldn’t be able to leave until 5:30pm, which would mean getting home by 7:00pm. That’s just too late!

    I don’t have many friends here in Mass. It was very nice to have friends from Houston come up to visit me at the end of last month. I’d love to have the problem of too many friends to visit.

    My DirecTV PVR has 50 hours of HD recording time from about 300GB of disk storage space. That’s 200 hours of low-def recording time, but since I don’t watch anything but HD, 50 hours is enough for me. But if it wasn’t, there’s an external SATA port that I could use to replace the 300GB of storage with 750GB or even 1TB (disks are so cheap these days), and that would double or triple my hours of recording time. That’s one reason I got rid of Verizon FIOS TV (still have FIOS Internet). They only had about 40 hours of low-def, just 10 hours of HD, which wasn’t enough for my regular weekly recording, much less any extra for movies. So I sympathize.

    “…distance from the wireless router.” That reminded me that I wanted to tell you the pics of your new home looked fabulous! I’m very jealous. But my 1,000 sq ft 2 bedroom, 1 bath, doesn’t have wireless connection problems anywhere in the house, or even anywhere in the yard! That’s the price you pay for having such a big beautiful home. Combine that with your wife and kids, and I guess I’m jealous again.

    Modern problems! May you have lots of time to solve them. 🙂

  2. Ilya

    When you put it that way, Tom, I’ll take wireless problems anytime 😉
    The annoying thing is that the computer I’m having biggest problems with in terms of wireless access is not on the other side of the house, but rather in the basement office directly below the upper-floor office where the router sits. And I have no connectivity problems from that basement office with my work laptop. So it must be the wireless controller on the PC itself that is inadequate. And I already tried several variations without much improvement… Time to tinker with range expanders again, I’m afraid…

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