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Checked my Analytics stats for the first time in G-d-knows-how-many-weeks and realized how wholesome and boring the searches that lead people to my website are.

Fully two-thirds of all the searches can be fairly coherently attributed to specific subjects of my posts (over a quarter of all searches are to do with questions related to photo-book software – all due to one single article of my entire output that can be considered a useful public service). One in five searches relates to a destination or place that is mentioned either on the main blog or in Travelog. Another 10% is for seemingly random word combinations that match with something in my posts.

The remaining 5% comprise explicit searches for “”, occasionally misspelled; searches that include names of specific people who commented or otherwise featured on my blog (e.g., “john the scientist”); and searches that consist of rarely-used words that I did happen to use once (“ex-contemporaneous”, anyone?).

I only found a single search query in the last month that sounded weird and seemingly had no direct relation to anything I’ve written: can boxes be tied with string when checking in airlines. Further analysis showed that it points to my travelling in Russia story, to which it matched in a random-word-combination manner.

Nothing of interest, embarrassment or humor at all. Pathetic!


  1. Nathan

    I bet if you had a few comments about Jay Leno wearing pink “hello kitty” panties while singing “I enjoy being a girl”, you’d get some interesting searches.

    Oh wait? You do have that comment?

    You’re welcome.


  2. Jeri

    I’m not sure that Google indexes comments, it’s a different database table, but “A” for effort, Nathan!

    And – I had to scroll WAY back to the single hit searches to find any fun search terms on mine. LOL

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