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In my own bed

Sleeping in my own bed is nice.

It’s not just the fact that we bought nice and soft new mattresses, which are a huge improvement over anything that I remember sleeping on in my life. It’s not only the quiet neighborhood, the chirping of crickets – or whatever the little buggers are – the only sound that breaks the night’s tranquility.

It’s the feeling that this bed is mine. In my own house. Not a temporary accommodation, not a rented house, not a place where I have to be.

A place where I want to be.

You could guess that I’m enjoying the return to home-ownership tremendously.

I even took a dip in the pool late last night. The water is already rather cold, we’ll be closing the pool soon, but the night was comparatively warm, so I braved it. I imagine how much I will enjoy it next summer. And the following summer. And the following…

Surprisingly, most of the house already looks lived-in. There is still plenty of stuff to do in sorting out our belongings, which Natasha has been wading through for the last couple of days. But another few days, and we’ll be officially resuming something like “normal” existence…

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  1. neurondoc

    A pool? We are so having a UCF pool party at your place next summer. Note that JTS will NOT be asked to bring the food. He can bring lawn chairs or something.

    Congrats to you and Natasha (whose name I do love) on the happiness of your current homeowner-y status.

  2. geo

    Wow! Congratulations Ilya!!! I’m extremely happy for you and your precious family. I wonder if Becky is going to post something about her new living quarters. Enjoy it guys!!!!

  3. Ilya

    Photos are forthcoming. Anyone who feels like coming over – just give me a holler! (we are closing the pool for the winter next week, so pick your spots carefully :))

    Geo, I’m going to ask Becky to write. She’s been neglecting her blog completely.

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