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Questions wanted

In the past, a 6-day interval between posts on this blog would invariably mean that I was on a trip to some fun and rewarding destination. At present, not so much. I still don’t have a writing angle that I want to be exploring in depth, and I’m increasingly lukewarm to posting “recurring features” for the sake of appearing active.

Maybe I should try one of those exercises designed to overcome writer’s blocks…

Or maybe I just don’t find anything worthy of a writing effort these days.

I had a thought earlier to attempt to explain how turned off I am by the politically charged atmosphere in the country, dominated by extremists, demagogues and ignoramuses, and how I already miss the fact that in Europe politics does not take over everyday discourse the way it does in the States. But a) I could not come with a coherent transformation of my feelings into a fact-based narrative, and b) as little as I wrote on political topics in the past, I already decided that there will never be another post about politics in this space.

I have an idea for what I think would be a fairly interesting – for me, at least, – on-going blogging project, but it has not fully gelled yet.

My other choices consist of recounting our daily life, and I just don’t feel like it’s something I want to pursue. It was kinda fun to keep a diary of our living abroad, but when it comes to a “normal” life, I’m not a diary kind of guy.

(That did not sound right, by the way. Is “diary kind of guy” an existing species at all?)

So, my patient and neglected readers, the few of you that I still have left, could you kindly lend your hapless host a hand? If there are any burning questions that you have been dying to hear me address, won’t you ask me, please! Inexpert advice on topics I have no right to be opining on? Obscure points in my illustrious biography? My tastes in arts? Anything and everything will be entertained.

Well, except for politics.

Hell, maybe I should go and dig up another meme…


  1. geo

    Comparing stuff is always interesting food for thought. You’ve been good at showing both sides of the story. Why not interviewing Kim or Becky about the changes they have to go through in school? Or interviewing your beautiful wife! I guess I’m curious because I know one day in the near future I also have to go back to the States. So a Repat topic is a hot one these days!

  2. Vince

    How’s the house hunting going? How are you daughters adapting to being back? How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

  3. Kisintin

    Do the excersizes. Try something new. Eat a vegetable! Make that brain of yours do something useless for a change πŸ™‚

    I think what you need to do, is rethink every single European location you visited and give a little “in depth stories”. Like a road trip diary. You had a great adventure, most of us can only envy, so put it in words. Maybe you’ll have your angle and a book.

  4. Brian Greenberg

    No politics, huh? Well, I guess you haven’t been enjoying my site recently then…

    I’ve been a fan of your movie reviews for quite some time, so I wouldn’t be opposed to seeing more of those. The only other help I can offer is to go through (a subset of) the Categories list on my own blog:

    Family Matters – not every day, but it’s always fun to crow about your kids’ accomplishments. And your wife, if I recall, would occasionally whip up a new recipie, complete with a picture of the finished dish? Woudln’t mind seeing more of that either…

    New York, New York – You have a talent for photographing & describing locales. New York is full of ’em…

    Random Acts of Blogging – Feel free to do the Andy Rooney (“did ya’ ever notice that…”) thing once in a while. Clever/Interesting observations from others are always good fun…

    Sports Talk – I don’t know about you, but October usually gives me something to write about, baseball-wise…

    Tech Talk – Interesting/new technologies you’re playing with? Maybe not a “mass-appeal” audience, but I’d certainly be interested…

    Words about Music – there’s always your YouTube’d memories feature.

    OK – that’s all I got. I’m sure some idea will strike your fancy…

  5. Cheryl Sligh

    I like the idea of blogging just daily or weekly stuff. We all sort of think out lives are boring but when you look back at them, they really aren’t. I’d like to know the daily food prices, shopping, house hunting, clothes etc…To compare whats here in the UK and what I remember in the USA. Good to see you posting again and hello to the family.

  6. Ilya

    Phew, at least this proved that I still have readers πŸ™‚

    Thanks all for questions and suggestions. There are a few very good ones in there, and I promise I will respond to every question in fairly short order. And Kostyan, you closely hit on what I alluded to as a not-yet-fully-gelled project; working title – “Travel stories” (yeah, I know, I’ll think of a better headline).

    Brian, I actually enjoy reading about politics when what I read is written by someone I respect. Extreme positions, no matter from the right or from the left, annoy the hell out of me, though. On balance, I don’t think it is worth my while to start a political discussion anymore…

    As far as movie reviews, for that, it wouldn’t hurt to actually see movies. Which I hope to resume doing in a couple of weeks’ time…

  7. Tamila

    I think you should start plotting a grand plan and schedule of trips to Asian countries. This can occupy your mind for a while;))))

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