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A little apology

My regular readers will have to forgive me for being mostly incommunicado these past days. Those whose personal web pages I regularly read myself will have to doubly forgive me for being continuously absent for the longest time. And those who expected a phone call from me arranging for a meet in near future, further apologies for putting it off.

I’ve been awfully busy. Not that you wouldn’t have guessed.

Setting up what needed to be set up, buying what needed to be bought, arranging what needed to be arranged, staying ahead of issues, and what-not required an inordinate amount of time from us. Anyone who’s gone through a major relocation exercise will easily recognize what I am talking about without me having to go into gory details. But even if your biggest move was from one house to another across town, you probably can extrapolate our level of stress by recalling your own during that time and magnifying it five-fold on account of ours being trans-Atlantic…

And then, the house. First, we were buying one. And then we weren’t (don’t ask!!!). And then we had to look at other houses, fully aware that we are running out of time as far as getting a permanent address before the start of the school year…

In any case, I have not had the time or the willpower for a reasonable effort in blog-writing. Putting in simple fillers felt inadequate at present. And I did not have time to properly assess the much-needed re-branding of this site and the direction I want to take it in. Hence, mostly silence.

Please bear with me. I’ll try my best to sort everything out in the next couple of weeks, and hopefully I’ll be able to get back to a regular level of programming in the not too distant future.



  1. Sharon

    No need for apologies. I think everyone of here suspected and extrapolated the reasons for your silence. Go handle your stuff! We’ll be right here when you get back.

  2. Cheryl Sligh

    Glad to know you are getting settled in. It takes time and no one expects any more from you than you have already given. Take your time, breathe…You’re in the states now and I look forward to reading your adventures soon.

  3. Tom

    Welcome back to America. UCF is not a demand. I’ve gone for a long time without posts, and they haven’t thrown me out of the club. Take care of yourself and your first family, and tell us about it all later. Or not. 🙂

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