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Last time in Central London

Our last weekend in London. Our last visit to Central London.

Do you think that London did its best to collaborate weather-wise on such an occasion? Nope. Could any more lines of National Rail and the Tube be suspended “for planned engineering works” on the only day that we had an opportunity to say a proper goodbye to the city? I doubt that.

Despite a highly inconvenient single option of getting to and from the city center available to us and despite the intermittent showers, we still went. We did a more or less standard circuit of Trafalgar Square, Piccadilly Circus, Piccadilly, St James Park, Parliament Square. We stopped at the National Gallery for the current Impressionist exposition centered on Corot’s and Monet’s landscapes. We browsed through the Burlington Arcades. We waited out one of the showers at a big bookstore on Piccadilly. We threw coins into the lake at the St James Park. We even took a black cab ride to London Bridge – the very first for Kimmy, only the second for Becky.

As much as we are looking forward to resuming our American lives, we can’t help but be a bit sad leaving London behind. It is a great city in every aspect of the word. Will we ever come back as tourists? Who knows…

Becky talked me into experiencing one of the city’s attractions in the very end. We set Natasha and Kimmy on their way home, but ourselves went to the London Dungeons. Becky already been, I have not. The almost two hour wait to get in tested the limits of my patience and my sanity (unless you’re lucky to visit the place in the off-season mid-week, do yourself a favor and buy tickets in advance), but the place has some interesting points and tries to highlight some important historical bits. It is not too scary – although a couple of actors did their thing in trying to startle unsuspecting visitors. As grumpy as I was at having wasted a lot of time in the queue, Becky was thoroughly delighted with her return visit. At the very least, I can now always say that when I left London Dungeons, I left London…

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  1. Sharon

    I took my Mom to London Dungeons once. She loved it, but was particularly miffed at the “Wicked Women” exhibit. “Why just the women?” she huffed, “men can be wicked, too!”

    Anyhoo, missssssssssssssssss you guys! .

  2. mama

    I fully agree with my youngest: we all missed you very much, welcome back to home! America (or Americhka as often tell between us) is so beautifull!
    So much to see, visit and enjoy!

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