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A dream fulfilled

I have been working from home quite regularly in the last ten years or so. Not having to suffer through the commute at least once every couple of weeks, if not more frequently, is both a perk and a fairly common arrangement in technology1.

I always had a dedicated “home office” that I could work out of. First, it was just one of the upstairs bedrooms converted into a study; at some point, we built an extension room specifically for the purposes of having a study away from the sleeping quarters. In London, we had to do with a bedroom again, but you would not mistake it for anything but a study.

Everything in the house is packed now, including my desk, chair, PC with all the peripherals, filing cabinets, etc. The only remaining pieces of furniture are the beds and the living room set that came with the house, plus the big TV that the movers graciously decided to pack tomorrow right before loading the stuff onto their truck.

I’m working from home all these days because the packing had to be supervised, and my lovely wife would not be able to manage it all by herself.

The kids are in the living room watching TV.

I am sitting on a bed with the laptop in my, well, lap, dealing with various work issues and typing this little post in between.

Always wanted to do that: Work while in bed2. Never had a proper impetus for that. A dream fulfilled!

What, you thought I meant something grander than that in the title?


1 Then, of course, there are many people in technology – especially individual contributors, whose work revolves around phone conversations, – who telecommute full-time. I’ve recently been in a couple of roles that would allow for that, but I never thought of making it a norm for myself.

2 Fine, I’m not technically in bed, but I’m afraid it is as close as I’m ever gonna get to that.

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  1. Kisintin

    I’ve been working from home this whole week, plus I expect to be working from home quite often for another month or so. Everything is good, except the VPN SUCKS!!!

  2. Ilya

    I honestly do not remember when was the last time that I had a problem with VPN. Receiving big files over email is definitely a drag, but other than that, I see little difference in speed over being in office.

  3. Brian Greenberg

    Certainly less grandiose than “A dream fulfilled” would indicate. On the other hand, much more respectable than anything that “working while in bed” suggests…

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