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Back to London, for the time being

As I mentioned in passing at least once, I can’t sleep on planes. Sleep, to me, is an exercise in tranquility, with no ambient light, no nearby movement and definitely no unaccustomed-to sound allowed. Ability to adopt the most favorite pose for falling asleep is a key component of the process. None of these requirements can usually be satisfied when flying, and I suspect I have to be literally dead-tired to be able to block all of those distractions out and get some shut-eye in the air.

Oh, I might nod off here or there, but I’d invariably become disturbed by something that would wake me up in short order. I might persist with trying to get whatever sleep is possible, but would end up with a blinding headache and a no less debilitating neck pain after a few fitful hours. I long adopted a policy of not willfully attempting sleeping even on red-eye flights, especially when there is plenty of cinematic entertainment on hand.

The shortcomings of this policy became apparent on my return trip from New York last night. Corporate Travel agency procured a free First Class upgrade for me, and while British Airways’ First Class is not as posh as the Upper Class on Virgin Atlantic (described in the same article), it is still an exceptional way to fly, with seats morphing into flat beds, and bed spreads and even pyjamas available to whomever desires them. All of my fellow cabin-mates took advantage of it. Me, I did not even try, figuring that no matter how relatively comfortable I might get, sound sleep would still escape me. I reclined a little, put my feet up, and spent most of the flight watching movies. Kinda dumb, I know, I should’ve at least tried. (But the flicks were good – Watchmen, Taken, Valkyrie, none of which I disliked.)

It should work out as no more than a missed opportunity, hopefully. Upon getting home around 9 in the morning, I went to bed for a couple of hours, which, as usual, allowed me to more or less function normally through the rest of the workday. I’ll go to bed early tonight and, if the regular form holds, I’ll see no ill effects of the jet lag tomorrow.

During those two hours of sleep, I apparently became an Uncle once again. We are very excited for you, li’l brother and family!


  1. Nathan

    Did we even know lil brother was pregnant?

    Congrats! (To parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents, cousins, and all the assorted relations)

  2. Ilya

    I did, along with the members of the family, but it was not our place to advertize… He himself posted a couple of hints – mysterious, yet of the type that always always mean only one thing – on his own blog.

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