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New York City

… has not changed much in the time that I’ve been away.

The same perpetual Midtown crush of the bodies throughout the day.

The same yellow cabs hassling for position and driving with abandon (although the logo they now sport on the side seems to be something that only came into effect recently).

The same weird characters on the street, loudly cursing somebody on their cell phones.

The same dog walkers scooping the poop after their charges.

The same subway trains, every car a cool mobile oasis in the stifling summer heat (not that the temperatures are high at the moment).

The same old tall buildings that skip number 13 in their floor number progression.

The same construction going on in hundreds of places simultaneously – OK, I’m sure that the actual locations are different from a few years ago, but the omni-presence of them is definitely just as I remember.

Strangely, it feels very much like home.

I was crossing the 6th Avenue at some point and a taxi making a turn from an intersecting street came to a stop to let me pass. I acknowledged the courtesy with a slight wave – something that I would invariably do in London. Then I thought to myself: This is one habit that I need to start getting rid of…


  1. Natalie

    Yeah, don’t do that. The cabbies will either think you are hailing them and get pissed when you keep walking or think you’re flipping them off and try to run you over or both… Welcome back to NYC. 🙂

  2. jason

    Hm. So a friendly wave to a driver who exhibits courtesy is something one needs to avoid in New York City.

    This is why we folks from out west do not “get” NYC. 🙂

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