Look who’s 9!

12 comments on “Look who’s 9!”

  1. Nathan

    Happy Birthday!

    For your gift, I’m giving you a hot dog from Nathan’s at Coney Island (redeemable as soon as your father takes you to Coney Island). (And no beer for for 11 more birthdays!)


    Kimmachka, HAPPY BIRTHDAY and only the best wishes sent to you from our family!!!!!! We love you and miss you….See you soon!

  3. papa

    Happy, Happy Birthday!
    That’s is actually the 4th time I’m saying it.

    Love you,


  4. Ilya

    Thank you all who wrote or called! The birthday girl was very pleased.

    Jason, more than half of felicitations on this page are from people Kimmy never met. You’re in good company 🙂

  5. verunchik

    Guys, sorry, we missed Kimmy’s b-day, so, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

    We will see you soon, kind regards, Zyabliki

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