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Kimmy and Sudoku

Kimmy had an advance birthday party last Saturday (we had a bit of a scheduling problem with our customary approach of celebrating after the date, not ahead of it). She and a dozen of friends – including Big Sis and one of her friends – enjoyed an hour of fun in a swimming pool. Kimmy says it was the best birthday party ever.

She received many gifts, among them an electronic Sudoku game.

The child is hooked! I never pegged either of my girls as being much inclined towards math – they are both creative artsy types instead – but Kimmy got a hang of it after the briefest of explanations from me and since then spent several hours completing the numerical puzzles and whooping in delight when she got them right. She plays the simplest level of difficulty so far, but after only a couple of tries she started saying that it was “so easy”…

I had not a slightest doubt that she would find Sudoku boring when I first saw the gift. She surprised me big time!


  1. Ilya

    I forgot to mention that the plastic flip-cover of the device bears the logo and URL of the UK chapter of MENSA 🙂

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