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The last little day trip

In a tellingly sad testament to the fact that we, as a family, long stopped spending weekends on day-tripping in and around London, we had a hard time today recalling our last such outing. Turns out it was the trip to Chislehurst caves, in early February, although relative proximity of the place to where we live makes it a stretch to consider that excursion a “day trip”. We had to go all the way back to mid-October, when we explored Rochester, to name a true intraday sightseeing adventure1.

We had plans for this weekend that would keep our recent form, but Sunday unexpectedly opened up, and we boldly took an opportunity to have a family outing for one last time in England.

We went to the Hever Castle, a place the we already visited two years ago. Kimmy specifically wanted to go there because of the water maze (which left her soaking wet), but we also hired a paddle boat for an hour on the lake, wandered through pristine grounds, and sat down in the shade for a bit. The day was a bit on the hot side, but tolerable for staying in the sun. We had excellent time all around.

It was almost definitely the last such time. Over the next few weekends, either I will be traveling to New York or Becky will be in France on her language study trip. There is one Sunday in July after our return from Spain that we may want to use for a farewell walk in Central London, and that’ll be it.

Hard to believe, actually.


1 Our trip to Mini-Europe was a day trip, but the fact that we crossed a couple of international borders during that outing puts it beyond the “local day-tripping” category.


  1. Vince

    Yep, soon you’ll be back in the states, and then you’ll have to change the name of your blog 🙂

    Sometimes the best times are those trips that just suddenly become a possibility.

  2. Ilya

    There is a relatively major river, Raritan, that I could use, but it does not have the same bite. Who wants to get as precise, anyway…

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