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Natasha on UK Food channel

A few weeks ago Natasha scored free tickets to participate in a taping of a UK food channel show “Market Kitchen”. She invited a couple of girlfriends and spent half a day in a studio listening to the chef’s presentations and tasting their creations. She says it was a lot of fun.

Her TV appearance consisted of one two-second-long close-up plus dozens of fleeting moments where she could be prominently seen in the background. I finally got around to making a short clip of that.

I currently do not possess recording equipment to transfer a Sky+ program into a portable digital format. Instead, I resorted to the incredibly inventive trick of positioning a camcorder in front of the TV. That – and my lack of willpower to go to extra lengths – accounts for the far from ideal sound.





  1. Sharon

    Argh! Have to loose weight! Natasha and Victoria look like naturals. Perhaps a new career in Natasha’s future back in the states???

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