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The fodder

My culinary talents – and inclinations, to be honest, – are very limited: I can boil eggs or pasta, or grill pre-marinated meats. How in the world am I supposed to feed a hungry teenager and a picky little munchkin for a whole week, while their mother is away?!

Three words: cereals, takeouts, dining out. Fine, four words.

Kimmy can have a bowl of cereal for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and add one as a mid-day snack, for good measure. Plus, she loves pasta with Italian sauces that we constantly stock, and providing her with a supply of freshly boiled pasta is within my abilities. Fruits and berries complement her diet.

Becky has more eclectic tastes, so cereal gets supplemented by takeouts and deliveries. One day we ordered tons of Chinese stuff (that lasted us three days), another time we decided on fish and chips (the huge servings of chips – that would be fries for those of you not familiar with British lingo – could feed a medium-sized family each, oodles of cholesterol and all).

Me, I’m not a cereal person. The loving wife graciously left me with enough ready-to-grill meat to last a few days (neither of the girls are big meat eaters, so I did not have to share); I also nibbled on some of the takeouts. My daily breakfast: Three hard-boiled eggs and a large mug of tea.

When we felt the need to diversify, we went to our favorite sushi place. Kimmy is not much for sushi, but a miso soup and a tuna roll make her happy. Becky and I gorged on various maki and nigiri. Then we came back home – and the kids decided to have a bowl of cereal…

Looks like we survived. Just one more morning, and our resident chef par excellence will be back to work her magic on our appetites.

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  1. Neurondoc

    I love cereal. When I was nauseated during my pregnancy (34 weeks of nausea), I ate cereal at least twice/day. And I love sushi, too. Maybe Becky and I can go out for sushi and then have cereal for dessert, if you all are ever in the DC area…

  2. Ilya

    We might be in DC area quite soon after arriving, Natalie, to visit close friends… If you’re not careful, Becky’ll take you up on the offer 🙂

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