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Coraline in 3D

The girls and I went to see Coraline today, which was my first experience with “real 3D” movies. Not the old spectrum-shift type that looked very confusing when not seen through special glasses; and the glasses themselves were not of the flimsy cardboard variety with one red eye and one blue eye. Instead, we were issued very sturdy old-fashioned-looking glasses with clear, almost imperceptibly tinted lenses; putting these glasses on outside of the cinema did not produce any discernible changes to the clarity of vision. When we tried looking at the screen without them, the display was obviously flat and a teeny tiny bit blurry but nonetheless watchable. With the glasses on, we were treated to excellent 3D effect and a very enjoyable experience.

Way cool!

The movie is quirky and beautifully made, and there are enough ominous moments to make the young members of the audience uncomfortable (Kimmy confessed to being a bit scared in certain episodes). Neil Gaiman’s stories are always very imaginative, often with strong dark undertones. The cinematographers did an outstanding job of visualizing his novella. There are very few all too brief hilarious moments, the colors are all muted, you constantly feel that something sinister is afoot…

I did not think it was a children’s movie at all, but the girls liked it overall. I did as well. What spoiled it a bit for me was my usual pet peeve of having a Russian character speak in broken Russian. Mr Bobinsky at times spoke brilliantly in Russian (and Ian McShane did a reasonable job of faking Russian accent when Bobinsky spoke English), but there were enough of goofs – putting a given name where a patronymic should have sounded, repeatedly using a diminutive for flies when mice were the subject (мушки vs мышки), mis-stressing a syllable of a long word – to kick me out of my reverie so that I could contemplate this perpetually burning question: How expensive could it be to hire a native Russian speaker to proof-read the few Russian lines in a movie script?

I wonder if there is an alternative career in that…

Anyway, that’s two trips to the cinema in less than a month. Go me!

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