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Relocation update, 06/04/09

Natasha is off to Joysie to look at houses. We perused roughly 50 properties online and identified about a dozen as satisfying our primary parameters. She will see those, plus whatever else may come up in the next few days. In the ideal scenario, one of those properties will exhibit no shortcomings, and we’ll be making a move on it.

Professional moving services have been fully engaged, and dates for the shipment set. We’ll have a familiar task of sorting all of our belongings into several categories (air-freight shipment, sea-freight shipment, to be left behind) prior to when the movers arrive, with an interesting twist of identifying which of the stuff that we use every day had belonged in this house before we rented it…

One-way tickets have been acquired. Circle the date: July 29th. I expect a welcoming ceremony worthy of a foreign dignitary, no less. Fireworks are optional, but a marching band and an honorary guard are non-negotiable.

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  1. Vince

    Well, I think John, Nathan, and maybe Natalie will have to handle the welcoming ceremony. Although I’m not sure I’d trust John not to involve something stinky and disgusting in the mix.

  2. Ilya

    As a public service to my largely unsuspecting audience, anyone baffled at the repeated references to “stinky” and “tofu” should check this post by Nathan, describing an episode firmly in the lore of our UCF circle. Warning: Strong language, to match the supposedly strong smell.

  3. Sharon

    What about the leaving party? Vic and I sure want to be in on that. After all, you’re a king to us! And Natasha is a queen. I guess that makes the girls little princesses!

  4. Ilya

    Not sure what Her Royal Majesty thinks, but our royal persona is of the mind to have several small farewell dinners with each interested party, as opposed to a big bash. We’ll be making specific plans when Natasha comes back.

  5. Kisintin

    As much as I don’t want to see my brother squirm (oh, who am I kidding) can somebody please serve him tofu and send me the pictures.

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