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Household items for sale

We identified the inventory of things that we want to get rid of before the move. Natasha is going to be putting advertisements online and in local newspapers, but one obvious place where I can advertize for free is this very blog, so here is the list. I am fully aware that most of my audience is US-based – you are excused from reading any further today. For the few of my readers who are based in the UK, if you or anyone you know might be interested in the following, please do not hesitate to let us know.

  • TV/DVD: JVC 27″ InteriArt Digital Cinema System, incl. stand and speakers, bought second-hand in 2006, good condition, £50
  • Piano keyboard: Yamaha PSR-262, with stand, bought second-hand in 2007, fair condition, £25
  • Food processor: Cuisinart DLC3011NBU Cast Metal Edition, with full complement of attachments, practically new, costs £200 new, £100
  • Blender: Braun MR4050HC Minipimer Hand-blender, bought in 2007, £15
  • Satellite TV box: Sky+, bought in 2006, excellent condition, £201
  • Vacuum cleaner: Dyson upright DC07, bought in 2006, good condition, £502
  • Broadband router: Netgear Wireless ADSL2+ Modem Router DG834G v4, bought in 2008, excellent condition, £152
  • Wardrobe: White, 87cm wide x 162cm tall x 52cm deep, bought second-hand in 2007, £10
  • Dresser+nightstands: White with brass handles, dresser with two drawers and two shelves, 72cm wide x 99cm tall x 40cm deep, each nightstand with three drawers, bought second-hand in 2007, £20
  • Nightstand lamps: IKEA, two, bought in 2006, £10
  • Printer: Epson Stylus DX5050 All-in-one printer, bought in 2007, excellent condition, £253
  • Audio System: Sony CMT-EH15 MP3 Micro HiFi Component System, practically new, £303

All offers will be entertained.


1 It is an unverified assumption that a Sky satellite box can be transferred from one owner to another. I only know for a fact that I “own” it and am not required to return it to Sky when I close my account. The transferability will be verified in the future. The box itself will be used by us through mid-July.

2 We will need to continue to use these items until the very end of our stay, towards the last days of July. Anyone who is interested can “reserve” them at no charge, with the pick up to be arranged prior to our departure.

3 These items are tentatively spoken for, but the deal has not been consummated yet.


  1. Cheryl Sligh

    Hello Stranger,

    I didn’t know you were leaving us. When does that happen? I am searching for a nice sofa/loveseat/recliner in case you end up having those items later. I just purchased a lovely drinks cabinet from Ebay this past week. I am not in a hurry. Where will you be heading this time?

  2. Ilya

    Hi Cheryl! Two posts down from this is the announcement of our impending move back to the US 🙂

    We do not have any furniture to sell beyond the couple of items listed above. In fact, we have very little furniture that we own, period, given that our rented house came well-furnished and we did not bring almost anything when we first relocated.

  3. Cheryl Sligh

    Sorry I missed the post about NY. Good Luck to you all. No worries about the furniture…I’m on a spree at the moment buying little things here and there. I have a house set up but its stuff my mother in law gave us 5 yrs ago when we moved here and I need a change. I miss “my stuff” from Los Angeles. I had to sell most of it in my move here and I felt like I’d lost my identity. I am slowly starting to get it back:-)

    Take care and I will keep checking in.

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