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The same, on the Hudson, soon

I’ve been somewhat aloof and incoherent in my blog activity over the course of the last few weeks. Yeah, yeah, yeah, you did not notice anything different, I get it. Nonetheless, I was preoccupied with something of utmost importance, which I am now comfortable to announce to the whole world.

Burlaki on the Thames are relocating back to the American shores.

Yep. We are done with England and Europe for the time being. (Ok, not fully done yet, we still have two more holidays to go on to, and Becky will still participate in the language immersion program in France in late June.) I think I made enough nearly-direct references in recent months to the fact that we reached a point where we knew that staying in England was not something we wanted to make permanent, and the “temporary” life arrangements have started to gradually outweigh our enjoyment of our travel-rich existence. To put it bluntly, we’ve had enough. Not in any bad sense, but rather akin to having enough of the wonderful all-you-can-eat spread in front of you and wishing to turn your attention to different type of comforts.

Working out a return path became a top priority as far back as the fall of last year. But with the worldwide financial turmoil and what-have-you, it took quite a long time to identify the route.

Finally, in the second half of April, I was presented with an opportunity to assume a new role within my organization. I happily accepted, since relocation to the New York Metro area appeared as part of the deal. Formalizing the terms of said relocation required a bit of time, but the key documents have now been signed and it is all official: Come August, I am expected to work out of our New York City offices again.

Which means that we will be flying back home for good during the last week of July. All personal notices (landlord, schools, car leasing company) are ready to go out tomorrow, Natasha is booked for a house-hunting trip at the start of June, the moving company is coming to survey the size of our household goods shipment this week, and things are already starting to get hectic as only a house move can be.

I’ll keep you all posted on the progress.

Start celebrating, will ya!


  1. Vince

    I’m sure John and Nathan will be waiting for you with stinky tofu. Congrats, and have fun with the insanity that moving always brings.


    Great News!!! Good Luck with everything if you need help with any aspect of the moving please dont hesitate to call me. I love you all and cant wait to see you back

  3. mama

    I am simply crying my soul with all this wonderfull news, yet I knew about changing for few weeks ago.
    Welcome, welcome, welcome back!!!

  4. Tamila

    GREAT NEWS!!! When you settle on the East Coast – Come visit us in San Diego – it’s been a while. T+Y

  5. jason

    How quickly the sojourn ends. I feel curiously disappointed. Odd.

    On the positive side, now I can say I know three people in the New York area. Cool. 🙂

  6. Nathan

    OK, first of all, if there’s any Stinky Tofu awaiting your arrival, don’t blame me. I’ve met the stuff and I swear you’ll never catch me within 20′ of the stuff again (that’s about 7 meters in your lingo).

    And second, Wahoo! More UCFers in the hood! (I’m making those “waive ya hands in the air, like ya just don’t care” motions.)

  7. Tammie Ryan

    Drat! Uh, I mean, best of luck to you! But, drat for me.

    I’m an American living in England (Liss, Petersfield, Hampshire) and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog. It’s odd, but I am sad to think you are moving away, even though we don’t know each other; I suppose I felt a kinship with you being foreigners in England.

    We have lived here for three wonderful years and love it so much I think it will be a permanent move. Our children are very young (3 and 5 years) and have English accents.

    Kind regards and best wishes to you in New York. It is a wonderful city.

  8. Ilya

    A belated welcome, Tammie! I am happy to learn that I have one more regular reader that I did not know about, but also sad that you did not de-lurk earlier…

    I know quite a number of families who are perfectly happy with their lives in England and I’m glad to hear that yours is one such. All the best to you and your family; if you do decide to make the move permanent, may it keep bringing you happiness.

  9. Kim

    Late to the party as usual, but the wishes are still sincere. Yay for another UCF moving to this side of the pond! Happy house hunting!

  10. Saqib

    Congrats, Man! I’ll be heading back to NY around the same time you guys will be. But I don’t have to move an entire house, Yikes! Just my luggage, along with my techie tools. The biggest hassle I’ll have to face will be immigration for my wife.

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